Fugitive.vim, Vyper VPN, and Better Communication

###Git inside Vim I don’t know how many times I am in Vim and I find myself hitting ctrl+z to go to the command line to execute Git commands. I came across a solution. Yesterday I installed Fugitive and it kicks it up a notch. With the latest commit of adding “git push” from within Vim I almost never have to leave the editor for Git commands.

###Vyper VPN Vyper VPN from Golden Frog for the couple of days I have been using it has been a breeze to use and setup. They give a free 3 day trial which is really nice because I wanted to verify all would work well with Linux. Their account management via their website is great. I wanted to buy the first month at full price and then choose to pay for a yearly contract to get the discount and I was afraid trying to switch billing frequency would be painful but it is not.

###Collaboration Over Test Definitions I was just adding testing instructions to a story that I was finishing and it took me 5-10 minutes to write out the instructions for someone who sits 4 desks over. As I was finishing writing the instructions I asked myself why the hell am I doing this and not just putting “See Ben for testing instructions” to generate an actual conversation. I know the QA will have questions because it is a rather complex ticket so we are going to have a conversation anyway. I am pretty sure I just wasted five minutes.

Seems like I have heard about this somewhere before -> “Customer collaboration over contract negotiation”

As a side note:
If you are a drinker of “Agile Process” Kool-Aid you are probably questioning why I am writing test instructions like this in the first place as there should be more communication with QA up front. I probably agree with you. We are always striving to make improvements to our process and while we believe this is important and has been discussed, it is not at the top of our list of items to tackle yet.