Blogging On Bloggart

Anyone who is not a developer never has a big problem choosing a blogging engine. Most people can go to any blogging service, wordpress, blogger, tumblr… and not have a problem beginning writing. Me, being a developer, had to find just the right blogging engine, tweak it, configure it, and learn everything there is about the internals of the code and once that is done, tweak it some more. No blogging yet. Just configuring. Sounds like my early days on Linux. All you do is configure the system. Once your done a new version is out to install and you start configuring all over again.

For my blogging engine I chose Bloggart. I had a small set of requirements for my blogging engine. I wanted it to run on Google’s App Engine and I wanted it to be simple to use. I found several engines that met my criteria so I downloaded them and started looking into their internals.

I had a feeling that Bloggart would be m favorite out the lot of them because it was written by a fellow who works for Google on App Engine. He would of course have the most expertise in writing an application for app engine. After looking through the code of several engines, I did end up choosing Bloggart.

The reason for the development of Bloggart was to show people features of App Engine. Every blog post on the original Bloggart site was about the development of the platform. The ultimate “dog fooding”.

So far a I am very happy with this platform. It is very simple to work with, easily extensible, and fast.