QR Code Bookmarklet

As a mobile website developer for Easy2 Technologies I get a lot of emails or IMs containing something along the lines of “Hey, can you check this link out on your phone because ….” To get the link to my phone’s browser I usually have to email it to myself. I became annoyed having to do this every time and wanted a better way to handle it.

What I came up with was a [bookmarklet](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bookmarklet that will pop up a QR code containing a link to the current page. From there you can just use a qr code scanner on your phone to follow the link.


  1. Drag the following link into your bookmarks toolbar of your browser or right click on it and add to bookmarks. DRAG HERE–> QR Code

  2. Browse to any URL (Or stay right here)

  3. Click on the bookmark that you just drug to your toolbar or saved in your bookmarks. If you didn’t change the title of the bookmark it will be named “Create QR Code”. You should see a QR code pop up on your screen.

  4. Scan the code with a qr code scanner and you will see that it takes you to the page you clicked the bookmarklet on.
  5. To remove the QR code on the computer screen click it and it will disappear.

This is a small simple script, but if for any reason you want to mess around with the source code you can get it from Github

Hope someone can find this useful.